GSSS SOAW facilitate the education of the college students and foster relationships by creating warm, welcoming, inviting spaces that help students engage with one another. It is important that our spaces are tailored to the specific needs of the students and their intended concentration to ensure that they can expand their knowledge in different ways. The spaces we create need to inspire students to learn.


Studios are well equipped with latest drawing tables, comfortable sitting chairs and green board. Studios are spacious, well ventilated to suit not only designing and drawing but also to facilitate the review of students work and group discussions .All provisions have been made for working 24/7.

Lecture Hall

Every classroom is fitted with LCD projector and  enabled with state-of-art audio visual presentation facility. Classrooms are  spacious, well ventilated and equipped with comfortable furniture.  Classrooms are carefully designed to facilitate conduction of seminar and  group Discussions.

Library & Information Centre

The Central library of GSSS SOAW is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of  On-line databases, e-journals, e-books, audio video content, books,  journals, project reports etc. The Library has achieved its vision of creation  and dissemination of knowledge through ICT which in turn endeavors  empowers faculty and students to achieve excellence in the knowledge  paradigm of the country. The mission of the Central library is to provide  information services, as well as provide access to bibliographical full text  digital and printed resources. 

Library Details

Computer Centre

Computer labs allow students to work on projects and assignments that require access to computers and the internet. This can enhance the learning experience and provide opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers.




“Workshop” is an applied teaching method to work, think, learn and a tool to create ideas and make decisions in a disciplined way. Especially in the academic environment, it is used as a tool for professional teaching and information transfer “with access to information” in terms of competence given to the student.


An excellent collection of latest materials and equipment used for both  interior and exterior use in the building construction also includes plumbing  and sanitation, electrical, HVAC components, acoustic elements, finishes for  walls, floor, ceiling is provided. Students to get exposure of different types  of building materials used in the field and this also serves as a learning  space for the students to decide on their choice of materials during their  academics.  


The benefit of manual training is needed also by professional. A person may have a brilliant mind, may be quick to catch ideas, yet a person may still be far from possessing a fitness for its duties. An education derived chiefly from books leads to superficial thinking. Practical work encourages close observation and independent thought.