Library .

Library and Information Centre

72 Sq m (10.2 x 7m)

The Central library of GSSS-SOAW is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of On-line databases, e-journals, e-books, audio video content, books, journals, project reports etc. The entire library is automated to enhance the process of searching, issuing and returning of books. The Library has achieved its vision of creation and dissemination of knowledge through ICT which in turn endeavors, empowers faculty and students to achieve excellence in the knowledge paradigm of the country. The mission of the Central library is to provide information services, as well as provide access to bibliographical full text digital and printed resources.

Library Details

  • Digital Library with High Speed Internet connectivity with LAN
  • Built up area :73 Sq. m.
  • Total no of Volume: 426
  • Total no of Titles: 104
  • Print Journals: 6 (National)+ 1 (International)
  • e-Journals: VTU e-Consortium
  • Reference Section : 20 capacity
  • Digital Library: 02 PCs
  • Issue and Return of books: Software based (Library Manager)
  • Members of VTU e-consortium : Turnitin Plagiarism Checker
  • E-resources: Springer, Taylor & Francis, K-nimbus, Science-Direct, McGraw Hill.

Libray photos